Pepsi’s New Face

I’d have to say that I am impressed with the new Pepsi campaign. Pepsi is known for incorporating a famous spokesperson into their campaigns and running with them as long as people like it, (e.g., Britney Spears).  This usually works for a while but people tend to go back to drinking their beloved Coca Cola. Pepsi has never really had command of the market. The new television spot, aired earlier this month, really inspires young people to live life to its fullest. Through this commercial, the inspirational feeling of living in the moment will come after buying a Pepsi product and enjoying every last sip.

The aspect that makes this Pepsi campaign different than the rest is that it offers an experience rather than just a product. Before, Pepsi paid influential people to advocate for their brand in all parts of the campaign: print, TV, radio, and online. This intervening audience influences the target to make buying decisions in favor of the brand, in this case Pepsi. Even this last Super Bowl ad for Pepsi was forgettable; remember King’s Court anyone?

This ad does not incorporate a spokesperson though. The entire spot shows the experience of a hot dusk night in a place like NYC or at the beach, at a concert, a fashion show, where young people play and exuberate happiness “in the moment”, all while drinking Pepsi. Fun; they are having so much fun. Nicki Minaj’s “Moment for Life” is playing through the duration of the spot, which reiterates that Pepsi will be apart of those special moments.

I think that this ad campaign might be more successful because it incorporates a song rather than an individual and relates drinking Pepsi to a larger audience who don’t have faces. It could be anyone, including you.