Fiat Argentina Steps Over the Line in Giant Cleavage Commercial

I was reading my favorite advertising blog, AdFreak catching up on the latest in advertising, marketing, media, and design news and I came across the ads of the world section. I immediately stopped scrolling down the page when I saw a screen shot of huge cleavage with a tiny man sticking out of them on David Kiefaber’s blog post.

Leo Burnett Argentina created this campaign to promote Fiat’s Palio as “the car for the best time of your life.” Kiefaber responds to this tagline with “Even if you’re the kind of shallow moron who would count your girlfriend’s bob job among those times.” He continues to relate “the best time of your life” to other superficial likings that some men might find intriguing. Yes, it’s true the stigma for car companies in advertising is to relate their cars to women. That is a proven way to attract men to buying cars. Although this ad might fly in South America, there would be a huge backlash if aired in North America; not only because of the blatant disregard to class but for ripping of a scene from the most iconic American film seen today, The Big Labowski. (please laugh)

This brings attention to one of the main components of creating an advertising campaign. You must take into consideration your target market. This ad could not be successful in North America due to the nature of the American public. They feel it necessary to censor these kinds of videos to protect children and feel proper. It is a stigma to be less open to these topics. In Latin America, however, the public is more lax in responding to commercials such as these. Even in the Spanish soap operas you will encounter a significant amount of sexuality. This public is more open to it and open about it to others. It is just in the culture.

I agree with Kiefaber in his assertions toward this particular commercial. This ad attempts to relate a woman’s decision to get a boob job to a Fiat Palio. I don’t know how well those two concepts correlate but I’m sure this ad was not just created on a whim.