For the last four years, I’ve grown, shrunk, laughed, cried, worked my butt off, relaxed on the couch, drank until I passed out, and thrown up- regretting it the entire next day. Yes, college was an emotional roller coaster that I wish every human being could experience.

As planned, I will be graduating form the University of Oregon this spring, to be more specific, on June 18, 2012, and that day is rapidly approaching. I chose this post to write a small but meaningful retrospective on my understanding at this point in time because now, after I went through it all, I am realizing the significance of it.

I started out a pre-business major. And as the ongoing joke of the journalism industry goes, I was horrible at math so I dropped it fast. I quickly turned to advertising and public relations as a way to express myself through writing and creating to communicate to everyone. I am now supposedly prepared for my professional life in PR or advertising and am working now in an internship to better my experience in the real world.

From the time I was little, I was involved in sports – volleyball, basketball, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse, my favorite out of the lot. Even through college where I played competitive women’s club lacrosse, I carried the values I learned through competition.

To me, the most valuable experiences happen outside of school and work. I found my best friends. Naria, Hillary, and Ursi. These women have literally stuck with me through the hardest year in my life since my mother passed away when I was eight years old.  I will forever be in their gratitude and I know that I will know them the rest of my life.

I am excited to move on to the next chapter of my life., but will never forget what I learned while I was in college.  Thank you to all of those (you know who you are) who have touched me forever.

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Bay to Breakers

This past weekend, San Francisco natives celebrated the annual foot race “Bay to Breakers” that first started with a St. Mary’s College student and a newspaper copy boy, who won the first Cross-City Race in 1912. The name was then changed to “Bay to Breakers” in 1965. The race started as a way to encourage everyone in the San Francisco community to get up and move on after the 1906 earthquake. The spirit of the race lifted the hearts of many.

Since then, the “Bay to Breakers” has become so much more than just a race.  The Guinness Book of World Records named “The Bay to Breakers” the world’s largest footrace in 1986 with 110,000 participants. After all the runners are off, streams and streams of walkers wonder the course. The race runs from the fairy building on Embarcadero all the way through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach, which is on the other side of the peninsula.

A majority of participants dress in decorative costumes or sometimes even nothing at all, which ultimately creates a celebration like atmosphere; Fun all around. One tradition that takes place each year is the tortilla toss; when runners though tortillas at each other to pass the time. The spirit of competition enlightens people to have a great time.

The end of the race marks “Footstock.” This after party marks the end of the race. Bands come and play for participants and spectators to, as well as musical acts and fun festival games.

It only feels right that this day takes place in San Francisco, the hearth for eclectic culture and contemporary life. The energy that exudes from this day just makes sense due to its prime location.  “Bay to Breakers” is only one of the many festivals that occurs in this great city.

Hello There!

Hi Guys,

My name is Olivia Narvaez and I have created this blog to start a dialogue among peers and professionals about different and interesting topics in the advertising industry today. I will be blogging for the next ten weeks and plan to discuss themes and issues occurring in the advertising world that not only interest me, but engage the public. Please feel free to comment as you wish. Your thoughts are welcomed here; although please make sure to respond in a way that you would like to be responded to. Respect is key in the world of blogging.