The “Freaks” of K-Swiss

In the past two years, K-Swiss has embarked on a multi-million dollar journey to rebrand their company. It all started back in 2011 when they wanted to launch their new line of performance running shoes called the “Tubes”. The creation of the Kenny Powers K-Swiss spot definitely got heads to turn. Mine turned; that’s for sure.

In 2012, they are re-emerging tailing the end of that campaign with a new look, a much more genuine look. Instead of running with the comedic attitude that Powers brought to the brand, they spun it to a more authentic and everyday feel.  Mile 9, the ad agency working on this, calls the campaign “We’re Freaks For The Run.”

These new ads depict runners living their everyday lives; running through the sprinklers, running on suburb sidewalks, all the while wearing their new and improved product. The television spots, which are scheduled to air later this year, are said to be extremely simple and effortless, which correspond with the print ads. The ads are meant to convey a very simple message meant to be received by avid runners and athletes – that the shoes “will ruin your life” because they are so good. It’s evident that K-Swiss is taking a risk, but as I said in prior blog posts, the bigger the risk; the bigger return.

In his blog post for Adweek, Tim Nudd opened my eyes to this idea and further enlightened me on the insight that K-Swiss is finally addressing a real audience. Through this ad campaign, K-Swiss could possibly be informing its target market and then some about the fact that they “get it.”  They in fact have “freaks for running” on staff that understand. They are ready and willing to compete with the powerhouses of Nike and Adidas, but they still have the room to play with different ideas such as these. Nudd believes that this is one giant step forward for the sports apparel industry. I guess only time will tell.