Creative Week

Creative Week New York “is where advertising, design, and digital media collide with the arts. It’s about art and copy, concept and execution, pop-culture and high arts. It’s about awards shows, thought leadership, and presentations designed to honor, inspire and connect the creative community.”

This week of celebration brings together all forms and types of advertising as well as art in general to display to the world what this industry has accomplished in the past year. It all began when the non-profit advertising agency, The One Club, realized how many professionals it drew to New York each year for its annual “One Show” Festival and recognized the opportunity to create an organized convention where creatives could express themselves.

Many consider this get together the “unConference” meaning a flexible, participant driven answer to the traditional conference.  It calls for “debate, discussion, and interaction over the talking head presentations.” I wouldn’t expect anything less for Creative Week; a creative way to experiencing a conference because who really likes attending those traditional consultations where you sit and listen to keynote presenters all day, not ad people that’s for sure.

This year Stillwell Partners is collaborating with The One Club to provide an experience that will reach out to both ad people and creative people in general. New York will be bustling with industry professionals from May 7 to 11, which will be a gathering of many masterminds of brilliance. Anyone even considering going and has the means to participate should.  It will be the party of the year!