Comedy in Advertising

Everyone agrees, great comedies attract people by the millions; movies, television, print, you name it. Some of the most successful and memorable television commercials of all time are ones that incorporate comedy. When you want your message to be heard and actually remembered, comedy is the way to go. Comedic ads stay ingrained in your memory because you want them too. It starts to create buzz. These kinds of ads attract attention, in all the right ways, which is what word of mouth advertising, is. Word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising. Buzz is hopefully generated after all the work that goes into an ad campaign. This is what creates impressions and draws people to your product.

For me, the most memorable ads on television that I have seen recently have been for Gieco.  Over the past few years, Gieco has really hit hard with the funny TV spots. The Gieco gecko Martin, the caveman ads, and the rhetorical question ads all have one thing in common, they were all funny. The most recent Gieco ad incorporates the same idea.  A man hires popular middle school girls to make him feel inferior to save money on a diet plan. Why do that when you can just save “15 percent or more on car insurance” with Gieco.

Humor really hits home with most audiences when researched properly and executed correctly. People feel happy after watching those spots because they are laughing. You want to make people feel good about your brand.


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