Nike: I Would Run To You

Now back to Advertising…

Nike. I’m pretty sure if you have ever attended advertising, marketing, public relations, or business class in your lifetime, you have heard about all that is the colossal brand Nike. They have gone through so many transformations that it is hard to count; all of which have been successful.

I have the fortunate luxury to attend the University of Oregon and we like to call our very lucrative donor Uncle Phil; an endearing term of course. As an effect, we are surrounded by the Nike brand everywhere we go, whether it is Autzen Stadium or Student Recreation Center.

I feel compelled to write a blog post concerning the new Nike Campaign, “I Would Run To You.” The commercial spot is very entertaining. On one side, there is a physically attractive female putting on her running gear that is all Nike brand.  On the other side, a man, her boyfriend, gets ready for a run also, but the difference is that he is not wearing Nike clothes or running shoes.  Gleaning from the name of the campaign and the song they both sing, they run from far distances to each other, one succeeds while the other fails. I bet you can guess who succeeds. Yes, the woman running in the Nike apparel prevails, thus demonstrating the strength of the brand.

The message they want to point out is that Nike will get you to wherever you want to go whether it is your boyfriend in the next town or down the block to the market. Of course, Nike has the means to display this message in a creative and enticing way so they did. This television spot is exceptional and brings in some humor to gain viewers.

As far as I am concerned, Nike can never go wrong. As long as it stays innovative and ever changing, which it has thus far, it will continue to be a powerhouse.


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