Crooked Arrow??

To take a break from industry talk, here is a post unrelated to advertising.

I am a member of US Lacrosse, which is a “national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, primarily serving the youth game, and committed to providing a leadership role in virtually every aspect of the game.” With this being said, as a coach, I receive frequent emails form the US Lacrosse regarding lacrosse news and promotions. I was startled to receive one email regarding a lacrosse movie coming out soon. I was initially astonished at the fact that the movie industry was actually coming out with a lacrosse film, the first of its kind, but then I was even more baffled when I discovered the plot.

The movie will follow a native American lacrosse team emerge through adversity of a sport that has in recent years, been run by primarily upper middle class white traditions. A fact that I will point out is that the sport of lacrosse initially started out with the Native Americans years and years ago and this movie is pointing out the significance of this institution.  This is cool and all, although extremely cliché. Every sports movie includes some sort of “underdog” and his/her unlikely dominance over the whoever is #1. This movie falls into that category. One of the trailers even demonstrates a direct comparison to those great sports movies like Rudy and Remember the Titans.

The underdog, in this case, a group of misfit Native Americans, learns how to take pride in their tribe. Their goal is to bring the sport back to their people.

Lacrosse has become the nations fastest growing sport.  Both women and men engage in play at mostly high school and collegiate levels. The NCAA now acknowledges the sport more and more and it is nice to see that lacrosse is slowing entering the mainstream media with the release of the new movie.


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